Title Notes Dates Speaker(s)
The Mystery of God's Plan: Easter Sunday 2017 Notes 04-16-17 Ken Ritz
Called To Be A Disciple: How Is Your Soul? Part 4 Notes 04-09-17 Ken Ritz
How Is Your Work?: How is Your Soul? Part 3 Notes 04-02-17 Ken Ritz
How's Your Family?: How Is Your Soul? Part 2 Notes 03-26-17 Ken Ritz
What's at Your Center?: How is Your Soul? Part 1 Notes 03-19-17 Ken Ritz
First Things First: The Generous Blessing Part 3 Notes 03-12-17 Ken Ritz
Money Worry: The Generous Blessing Part 2 Notes 03-05-17 Ken Ritz
You Just Think You Are: The Generous Blessing Part 1 Notes 02-26-17 Ken Ritz
A Matter of Great Concern:Jonah Part 3 Notes 02-19-17 Ken Ritz
Running Lessons: Jonah Part 2 Notes 02-12-17 Ken Ritz
The Jonah In Us:Jonah Part 1 Notes 02-05-17 Ken Ritz
Suffering and Faith: Prepared Part 4 Notes 01-29-17 Ken Ritz
Supporting Our Faith:Prepared Part 3 Notes 01-22-17 Nathaniel Sorensen
Sound Bite Faith: Prepared Part 2 Notes 01-15-17 Nathaniel Sorensen
Sharing Your Faith:Prepared Part 1 Notes 01-08-17 Ken Ritz
God's Promise To You In 2017 Notes 01-01-17 Ken Ritz
Incarnation:Christmas Prophecy Part 5 12-25-16 Ken Ritz
The Promise of Hope:Christmas Prophecy Part 4 12-24-16 Ken Ritz
God Keeps His Promises:Christmas Prophecy Part 2 Notes 12-11-16 Ken Ritz
Run And Not Grow Weary:Christmas Prophecy Part 1 Notes 12-04-16 Ken Ritz
Balancing Your Life Notes 11-27-16 Ken Ritz
Season of Thanksgiving Notes 11-20-16 Chris Ovelton
Testing Your Trust Notes 11-13-16 Ken Ritz
Prayer - The Heart of an Awakening Notes 11-6-16 Ken Ritz & Nathaniel Sorensen
16-10-30 Accuser or Advocate? : Hearing God's Voice Above All Others, Part 3 Notes 10-30-16 Ken Ritz
I Know I Am: Hearing God's Voice Above All Others Part 2 Notes 10-23-16 Ken Ritz
The Blessings of Obedience: The Time is Now Part 3 Notes 10-09-16 Ken Ritz
The Hard Right: The Time is Now Part 1 Notes 09-25-16 Ken Ritz
Selflessness: What Makes You Happy Part 5 Notes 09-18-16 Ken Ritz
Happy Pleasure: What Makes You Happy Part 4 Notes 09-11-16 Ken Ritz
Happy Money: What Makes You Happy Part 3 Notes 09-04-16 Ken Ritz
Jesus' Answer: What Makes You Happy Part 2 Notes 08-28-16 Ken Ritz
What Makes You Happy: What Makes You Happy Part 1 Notes 08-21-16 Ken Ritz
The Unstoppable Current of the Power of Christ Notes 08-14-16 Nathaniel Sorensen
Called to Care Notes 08-07-16 Ken Ritz
God's Thoughts About Me Notes 07-31-16 Ken Ritz
Renewed Vision Notes 07-24-16 Jay Smith
That Thing Notes 07-17-16 Ken Ritz
Breaking Dividing Walls: NLV and HCC Joint Service   07-10-16 Ken Ritz and John Stevenson
Unfollow: Follow, Part 7 Notes 07-03-16 Nathaniel Sorensen
The Fine Print: Follow, Part 5 Notes 06-19-16 Ken Ritz
Follow Wear: Follow, Part 4 Notes 06-12-16 Ken Ritz
Overwhelming Faith: Follow, Part 3 Notes 06-05-16 Ken Ritz
Four Phases Of Follow: Follow, Part 2 Notes 05-29-16 Ken Ritz
Jesus Says: Follow, Part 1 Notes 05-22-16 Ken Ritz
How God Sees Me Notes 05-08-16 Ken Ritz
Blessed To Be A Blessing: 40 Day Prayer Covenant, Part 5 Notes 05-01-16 Ken Ritz
Change Me Any Way You Want: 40 Day Prayer Covenant, Part 4 Notes 04-24-16 Ken Ritz
Getting Rid of Guilt: 40 Day Prayer Covenant, Part 3 Notes 04-17-16 Ken Ritz
Moved By Compassion: 40 Day Prayer Covenant, Part 2 Notes 04-10-16 Jay Smith
Mystery Grace: 40 Day Prayer Covenant, Part 1 Notes 04-03-16 Ken Ritz
The Third Day: The Third Day Notes 03-27-16 Ken Ritz
Like A Hero Going Home: Fearless, Part 6 Notes 03-20-16 Ken Ritz
Fear of Not Having Enough: Fearless, Part 5 Notes 03-13-16 Ken Ritz
Fear of the Future: Fearless, Part 4 Notes 03-06-16 Chris Ovelton
Fear of Intimacy: Fearless, Part 3 Notes 02-28-16 Nathaniel Sorensen
Fearless Failure: Fearless, Part 2 Notes 02-21-16 Ken Ritz
Fearless Trust: Fearless, Part 1 Notes 02-14-16 Ken Ritz
Building Houses: Building Houses Notes 02-07-15 Nathaniel Sorensen
Release It: Starting Over, Part 4 Notes 01-31-16 Ken Ritz
ReThink It: Starting Over, Part 3 Notes 01-24-16 Ken Ritz
Own It: Starting Over, Part 2 Notes 01-17-16 Ken Ritz
Three Myths: Starting Over, Part 1 Notes 01-10-16 Nathaniel Sorensen
The Ownership Myth: The Ownership Myth Notes 01-03-16 Ken Ritz
A LIfe More Ordinary: A LIfe More Ordinary Notes 12-27-15 Jay Smith
Behold Jesus: Behold Jesus Notes 12-20-15 Ken Ritz
Afraid of What People Think: Fear Not, Part 1 Notes 12-13-15 Ken Ritz
This May Take A While: The Power Of Same, Part 3 Notes 12-06-15 Ken Ritz
The Problem Is The Pattern: The Power Of Same, Part 2 Notes 11-29-15 Ken Ritz
Power of Same: The Power Of Same, Part 1 Notes 11-22-15 Ken Ritz
Nobody's That Stupid: Right In Their Eyes, Part 4 Notes 11-15-15 Nathaniel Sorensen
Extraordinary Life: Right In Their Eyes, Part 3 Notes 11-08-15 Ken Ritz
An Inside Out Kingdom: Right In Their Eyes, Part 2 Notes 11-01-15 Ken Ritz
Right In Their Eyes: Right In Their Eyes, Part 1 Notes 10-25-15 Ken Ritz
Love In Action: Love Song, Part 5 Notes 10-18-15 Ken Ritz
Reconcilable Differences: Love Song, Part 4 Notes 10-11-15 Ken Ritz
God Honoring Sex: Love Song, Part 3 Notes 10-04-15 Ken Ritz
Perfect Seasoning: Love Song, Part 2 Notes 09-27-15 Ken Ritz
Faithful Attraction: Love Song, Part 1 Notes 09-20-15 Ken Ritz
Death By Distraction: Death By Distraction Notes 09-13-15 Ken Ritz
Ready For The Wedding: Life Lessons Revealed, Part 7 Notes 09-06-15 Ken Ritz
Combating Compromise: Life Lessons Revealed, Part 6 Notes 08-30-15 Nathaniel Sorensen
When Jesus Reigns: Life Lessons Revealed, Part 5 Notes 08-23-15 Ken Ritz
Are You Ignoring God's Warnings: Life Lessons Revealed, Part 4 Notes 08-16-15 Ken Ritz
Strength In Weakness: Life Lessons Revealed, Part 3 Notes 08-09-15 Ken Ritz
Where Is The Power I Need: Life Lessons Revealed, Part 2 Notes 08-02-15 Ken Ritz
What Jesus Wants Most: Life Lessons Revealed, Part 1 Notes 07-26-15 Ken Ritz
What Will Heaven Be Like: So You're Dead, Now What? Part 3 Notes 07-19-15 Nathaniel Sorensen
Exiles in a Pagan Land: Exiles in a Pagan Land Notes 07-12-15 Ken Ritz
Would A Loving God: So You're Dead, Now What?, Part 2 Notes 07-05-15 Austin Stone and Chris Ovelton
It's The End of the World: So You're Dead, Now What?, Part 1 Notes 06-28-15 Jay Smith
It Will Happen: Dont Stop, Part 2 Notes 06-21-15 Ken Ritz
Dont Stop on Six: Dont Stop, Part 1 Notes 06-14-15 Ken Ritz
Blessed and Broken: Blessed and Broken Notes 06-07-15 Ken Ritz
Free To Forgive: Free To Love, Part 2 Notes 05-31-15 Ken Ritz
The Truth Will Set You Free: Free To Love, Part 2 Notes 05-24-15 Ken Ritz
Set Free: Free To Love, Part 1 Notes 05-17-15 Ken Ritz
Trusting When Its Tough: Brave Journey, Part 5 Notes 05-10-15 Ken Ritz
No Fear of Bad News: Brave Journey, Part 4 Notes 05-03-15 Ken Ritz
Brave The Waves: Brave Journey, Part 3 Notes 04-26-15 Ken Ritz
Hold That Thought: Brave Journey, Part 2 Notes 04-19-15 Ken Ritz
Anxious About Anything: Brave Journey, Part 1 Notes 04-12-15 Ken Ritz
Resurrection Life: Resurrection Life Notes 04-05-15 Ken Ritz
Our Advantage: Crushing the Giant, Part 6 Notes 03-29-15 Ken Ritz
Not Guilty: Not Guilty Notes 03-22-15 Chris Ovelton
Power Encounters: Power Encounters Notes 03-15-15 Dave Workman
Developing A Heart of Faith: Crushing the Giant, Part 4 Notes 03-08-15 Ken Ritz
Ability: Crushing the Giant, Part 3 Notes 03-01-15 Ken Ritz
Anointing: Crushing the Giant, Part 2 Notes 02-22-15 Ken Ritz
The Horn The Sword and the Robe: Crushing the Giant, Part 1 Notes 02-15-15 Ken Ritz
Why Bother: Small Faith, Huge God, Part 3 Notes 02-08-15 Ken Ritz
A New Way to Pray: Small Faith, Huge God, Part 2 Notes 02-01-15 Ken Ritz
The Sun Stood Still: Small Faith, Huge God, Part 1 Notes 01-25-15 Ken Ritz
Generations: Generations Notes 01-18-15 Ken Ritz
There's More Where That Came From: Consider The Source, Part 2 Notes 01-11-15 Ken Ritz
Consider The Source: Consider The Source, Part 1 Notes 01-04-15 Ken Ritz
Number Your Days: Times and Seasons, Part 4 Notes 12-28-14 Ken Ritz
Embrace The Change: Times and Seasons, Part 3 Notes 12-21-14 Ken Ritz
Winter Season: Times and Seasons, Part 2 Notes 12-14-14 Ken Ritz
Seasons: Times and Seasons, Part 1 Notes 12-07-14 Ken Ritz
I'm Better Under Pressure Notes 11-30-14 Ken Ritz
A Day in the Life of Praise Notes 11-23-14 Ken Ritz
Blessings or Curses You Can Choose: Dying to Selfie, Part 5 Notes 11-16-14 Rick Hanger
Plugs Notes 11-09-14 John Sinclair
Name It What You Want: Dying to Selfie, Part 4 Notes 11-02-14 Ken Ritz
Approval or Achievement: Dying to Selfie, Part 3 Notes 10-26-14 Ken Ritz
Starving Sons: Dying To Selfie, Part 2 Notes 10-19-14 Ken Ritz
Your New Name: Dying To Selfie, Part 1 Notes 10-12-14 Ken Ritz
Finishing Strong: Change Your World in 52 Days, Part 4 Notes 10-05-14 Ken Ritz
Defeating Discouragement: Change Your World in 52 Days, Part 3 Notes 09-28-14 Ken Ritz
The Leader In You: Change Your World in 52 Days, Part 2 Notes 09-21-14 Ken Ritz
Ordinary World Changers: Change Your World in 52 Days, Part 1 Notes 09-14-14 Ken Ritz
Gratitude Notes 09-07-14 Ken Ritz
Faith To Move Mountains Notes 08-31-14 Ken Ritz
Those Critical People: Those People, Part 4 Notes 08-24-14 Ken Ritz
Those Hypocritical: Those People, Part 3 Notes 08-17-14 Ken Ritz
Those Manipulating People: Those People, Part 2 Notes 08-10-14 Ken Ritz
Those Overly Needy People: Those People, Part 1 Notes 08-03-14 Ken Ritz
That's Not Fair Notes 07-27-14 Greg and Susan Hull
Judging: It Came From Within, Part 5 Notes 07-13-14 Ken Ritz
Lying: It Came From Within, Part 4 Notes 07-06-14 Ken Ritz
Welcoming The Stranger Notes 06-29-14 Carl Ruby
Worry: It Came From Within, Part 3 Notes 06-22-14 Ken Ritz
Lust: It Came From Within, Part 2 Notes 06-15-14 Ken Ritz
Anger: It Came From Within, Part 1 Notes 06-08-14 Ken Ritz
Paralyzed Hope Notes 06-01-14 Chris Ovelton
Outward Focus Notes 05-25-14 Dave Workman
The Type Of Person God Uses Notes 05-18-14 Ken Ritz
Leaving A Legacy Notes 05-11-14 Ken Ritz
The Best Investment of Your Life Notes 05-04-14 Ken Ritz
Why Didn't God Answer My Prayer Notes 04-27-14 Ken Ritz
Good People Don't Go to Heaven Notes 04-20-14 Ken Ritz
Prayer Can Change Your Life Notes 04-13-14 Ken Ritz
Ridiculous Provision: Elisha, Ridiculous Faith Part 3 Notes 04-06-14 Ken Ritz
Ridiculous Faith: Elisha, Ridiculous Faith Part 2 Notes 03-30-14 Ken Ritz
Ridiculous Commitment: Elisha, Ridiculous Faith Part 1 Notes 03-23-14 Ken Ritz
The One Way To God: Who Is Jesus? Part 3 Notes 03-16-14 Ken Ritz
Falling In Love With God Notes 03-09-14 Bob Hostetler
I Am The Light Of The World: Who Is Jesus? Part 2 Notes 03-02-14 Ken Ritz
I Am The Good Shepherd: Who Is Jesus? Part 1 Notes 02-23-14 Ken Ritz
Patience Is Better: Better Part 5 Notes 02-16-14 Ken Ritz
A Good Name: Better Part 4 Notes 02-09-14 Ken Ritz
Wisdom Is Better Than Gold: Better Part 3 Notes 02-02-14 Ken Ritz
Better One Handful: Better Part 2 Notes 01-26-14 Ken Ritz
Better Is One Day: Better Part 1 Notes 01-19-14 Ken Ritz
Josh Armstrong - Haiti Ministries Notes 01-12-14 Josh Armstrong
Overcomer Notes 01-05-14 Ken Ritz
How To Make The Most From Your New Year Notes 12-29-13 Ken Ritz
O Holy Night Notes 12-22-13 Ken Ritz
Away in A Manger Notes 12-15-13 Ken Ritz
Special Message Notes 12-08-13 John Sinclair
Ambassador Of The Kingdom: Journey, Part 6 Notes 11-24-13 Ken Ritz
Seeking The Kingdom: Kingdom Journey, Part 5 Notes 11-17-13 Ken Ritz
How To Find Strength For The Battle: Journey, Part 4 Notes 11-10-13 Ken Ritz
Make Jesus Your King: Kingdom Journey, Part 3 Notes 11-03-13 Ken Ritz
Receive: Journey, Part 2 Notes 10-27-13 Ken Ritz
Two Kingdoms: Kingdom Journey, Part 1 Notes 10-20-13 Ken Ritz
Depression & Burnout: Elijah, Part 4 Notes 10-13-13 Ken Ritz
Powerful and Effective Prayer: Elijah, Part 3 Notes 10-06-13 Ken Ritz
Which God Do You Serve: Elijah, Part 2 Notes 09-29-13 Ken Ritz
Broken For Use: Elijah, Part 1 Notes 09-22-13 Ken Ritz
My Longing For Approval: Altar Ego, Part 4 Notes 09-15-13 Ken Ritz
My Right To Be Offended: Altar Ego, Part 3 Notes 09-08-13 Ken Ritz
My Need For Control: Altar Ego, Part 2 Notes 09-01-13 Ken Ritz
Feelings of Inadequacy: Altar Ego, Part 1 Notes 08-25-13 Ken Ritz
Big Impact: Big Church, Part 8 Notes 08-18-13 Ken Ritzr
Acts 10 - Presence, Proclamation, Practicality: Big Church, Part 7 Notes 08-11-13 Jason Smith
Big Bold Leaders: Big Church, Part 6 Notes 08-04-13 Rick Hanger
Big Drift: Big Church, Part 5 Notes 07-28-13 Ken Ritz
The Church Express Notes 07-21-13 Chris Ovelton
Big & Bold: Big Church, Part 3 Notes 07-14-13 Ken Ritz
Big Prayers: Big Church, Part 2 Notes 07-07-13 Ken Ritz
God's Power For Your Relationships Notes 06-30-13 Pastors Greg and Susan Hull
Day One!: Big Church, Part 1 Notes 06-23-13 Ken Ritz
The Father Is Fond Of You Notes 06-16-13 John Sinclair
Prayer Lessons From Jesus Notes 06-09-13 Ken Ritz
The Church Jesus Envisions Notes 06-02-13 Ken Ritz
Adventures In Missing The Point Notes 05-26-13 Ken Ritz
Receiving Spiritual Gifts Notes 05-19-13 Ken Ritz
A Model for Motherhood 2 Notes 05-12-13 Kathy Ritz, Pastors Susan Hull, Donna Benedict & Daniella Gibbons
Live Wisely Notes 05-05-13 Ken Ritz
Reconnecting With God Notes 04-28-13 Ken Ritz
Fractured Faith Notes 04-21-13 Chris Ovelton
How To Bless Others With Your Mouth Notes 04-14-13 Ken Ritz
You Don't Have To Stay The Same Notes 04-07-13 Ken Ritz
Come Alive This Easter Notes 03-31-13 Ken Ritz
Christ In The Furnace: History Makers, Part 3 Notes 03-24-13 Ken Ritz
Lessons In Freedom: History Makers, Part 2 Notes 03-17-13 Ken Ritz
How God Tests Your Faith: History Makers, Part 1 Notes 03-10-13 Ken Ritz
Growing Spiritually, My Part God's Part: All In, Part 5 Notes 03-03-13 Ken Ritz
Following God's Directions: All In, Part 4 Notes 02-24-13 Ken Ritz
How To Love Someone I Don't Like: All In, Part 3 Notes 02-17-13 Ken Ritz
Authority Issues: All In, Part 2 Notes 02-10-13 Ken Ritz
The Cost of Discipleship: All In, Part I Notes 02-03-13 Ken Ritz
How To Be Rich, Part 4: How To Be Rich Notes 01-27-13 Ken Ritz
How To Be Rich, Part 3: Why Did God Make Us Rich Notes 01-20-13 Ken Ritz
How To Be Rich, Part 2: Deceitfulness of Riches 2 Notes 01-13-13 Ken Ritz
How To Be Rich, Part 1: Deceitfulness of Riches Notes 01-06-13 Ken Ritz
When You're Overwhelmed Notes 12-23-12 Ken Ritz
The End of Time?, Part 3: What Will Heaven Be Like Notes 12-16-12 Ken Ritz
The End of Time?, Part 2: Would A Loving God Send People To Hell Notes 12-09-12 Ken Ritz
The End of Time?, Part 1: Graduation Day Notes 12-02-12 Ken Ritz
Entitled Notes 11-25-12 Ken Ritz
Journey Home, Part 6: Return Home Notes 11-18-12 Ken Ritz
Journey Home, Part 5: A Place At The Table Notes 11-11-12 Daniella Gibbons & Chris Ovelton
Journey Home, Part 4: Return Home Notes 11-04-12 Ken Ritz
Journey Home, Part 3: Living From Approval Notes 10-28-12 Ken Ritz
Journey Home, Part 2: Our Father Notes 10-21-12 Ken Ritz
Journey Home, Part 1: No Longer an Orphan Notes 10-14-12 Ken Ritz
Eternity and Beyond Notes 10-07-12 Ken Ritz
Your Presence Makes All The Difference, Part 3: Shine Notes 09-30-12 Ken Ritz
Your Presence Makes All The Difference, Part 2: Being Salt Notes 09-23-12 Ken Ritz
Your Presence Makes All The Difference, Part 1: I'm A Preservative Notes 09-16-12 Ken Ritz
God's Ways Are Higher Part 5: Doing The Word Notes 09-09-12 Ken Ritz
Y Change? Notes 09-02-12 Greg and Susan Hull
God's Ways Are Higher Part 4: The Helmet of Salvation Notes 08-26-12 Ken Ritz
God's Ways Are Higher Part 3: How God Tests Our Faith Notes 08-19-12 Ken Ritz
God's Ways Are Higher Part 2: Closing Doors Notes 08-12-12 Ken Ritz
God's Ways Are Higher Part 1: The Power of Praise Notes 08-05-12 Ken Ritz
Jesus the Evangelist Notes 07-29-12 Stephen Brown
How To Get Over A Hurt Notes 07-22-12 Ken Ritz
Youth Led Sunday - NO AUDIO Notes 07-15-12 7:20 Youth Group
Samson Part 4: Failing Forward Notes 07-08-12 Ken Ritz
Samson Part 3: Small Steps Toward Big Destruction Notes 07-01-12 Ken Ritz
Samson Part 2: Emotions That Take Strong Men Down Notes 06-24-12 Ken Ritz
Samson Part 1: What Makes Strong Men Weak? Notes 06-17-12 Ken Ritz
Quit Going to Church Notes 06-10-12 Bob Hostetler
How to Let Grace Change Your Life Notes 06-03-12 Ken Ritz
What Do You Do With Pentecost? Notes 05-29-12 Rick Hanger
The Foundation For Happiness Notes 05-20-12 Ken Ritz
Restoring Your Passion For Life Notes 05-13-12 Ken Ritz
Habakkuk Part 3: I Rejoice Because I Trust Notes 05-06-12 Ken Ritz
Habakkuk Part 2: Waiting on Faith Notes 04-29-12 Ken Ritz
Habakkuk Part 1: Why Doesn't God Seem Fair? Notes 04-22-12 Ken Ritz
LEGO Faith Notes 04-15-12 Chris Ovelton
Nick and Joe Save Easter Notes 04-08-12 Ken Ritz
Become the Greatest! Notes 04-01-12 Ken Ritz
Wise Up About Money Notes 03-25-12 Ken Ritz
Staying in Love Part 4: Believe the Best Notes 03-18-12 Ken Ritz
Staying in Love Part 3: What's Inside Always Comes Out Notes 03-11-12 Ken Ritz
Staying in Love Part 2: Re-Modeling Notes 03-04-12 Ken Ritz
Staying in Love Part 1: Happy Together Forever? Notes 02-26-12 Ken Ritz
Discovering God's Will Part 7: Too Late For Me? Notes 02-19-12 Ken Ritz
Discovering God's Will Part 6: What Kind of Hearer Are You? Notes 02-12-12 Ken Ritz
Discovering God's Will Part 5: Where to Get Guidance Notes 02-05-12 Chris Ovelton
Discovering God's Will Part 4: Improving Your Vision Notes 01-29-12 Ken Ritz
Discovering God's Will Part 3: Checking the Compass Notes 01-22-12 Ken Ritz
Discovering God's Will Part 2: Asking For Directions Notes 01-15-12 Ken Ritz
Discovering God's Will Part 1 Notes 01-08-12 Ken Ritz
A New Year of Faith - AUDIO NOT AVAILABLE Notes 01-01-12 Ken Ritz
Searching For A Savior Notes 12-18-11 Ken Ritz
Christmas Light Notes 12-11-11 Ken Ritz
God's Heart for the Poor Notes 12-04-11 Ken Ritz
Thanks-Living: A Lifestyle of Thankfulness Notes 11-27-11 Rick Hanger
STRONG Journey Week 6: Live Strong Notes 11-20-11 Ken Ritz
STRONG Journey Week 5: Serve Strong Notes 11-13-11 Ken Ritz
STRONG Journey Week 4: Train Strong Notes 11-06-11 Ken Ritz
STRONG Journey Week 3: Study Strong Notes 10-30-11 Ken Ritz
STRONG Journey Week 2: Pray Strong Notes 10-23-11 Ken Ritz
STRONG Journey Week 1: Play/Rest Strong Notes 10-16-11 Ken Ritz
Guardrails Part 5" The "New God" Factor Notes 10-09-11 Ken Ritz
Guardrails Part 4: The Consumption Assumption Notes 10-04-11 Ken Ritz
Guardrails Part 3: Flee! Notes 09-25-11 Ken Ritz
Guardrails Part 2: Why Can't We Be Friends? Notes 09-18-11 Ken Ritz
Guardrails Part 1: Establishing Guardrails Notes 09-11-11 Ken Ritz
The Transforming Effect of Prophetic Declarations Notes 09-04-11 Rick Hanger
Living For The Long Term Part 3: God's Plans For You Notes 08-28-11 Ken Ritz
Living For the Long Term Part 2: God's Good Work In You Notes 08-21-11 Ken Ritz
Living For The Long Term Part 1: No Regrets Notes 08-14-11 Ken Ritz
Financial Top Ten Quiz (Based on 2 Corinthians 8-9) Notes 08-07-11 Ken Ritz
The Ownership Myth Notes 07-31-11 Ken Ritz
Keep On Believing Notes 07-24-11 Ken Ritz
Redeeming Ruth Part 4: God's Hand in Our Redemption Notes 07-17-11 Ken Ritz
Redeeming Ruth Part 3: God's Hand In Our Risk Notes 07-10-11 Ken Ritz
Redeeming Ruth Part 2: Luck, Favor, and God's Providence Notes 07-03-11 Ken Ritz
Redeeming Ruth Part 1: God's Hand In Our Suffering Notes 06-26-11 Ken Ritz
God in the Hard Times Part 7: The Good Shepherd and Your Future Notes 06-19-11 Ken Ritz & Chris Ovelton
God in the Hard Times Part 6: God's Solution To Your Hurt Notes 06-12-11 Ken Ritz & Chris Ovelton
God in the Hard Times Part 5: My Shepherd in Dark Valleys Notes 06-05-11 Ken Ritz & Chris Ovelton
God in the Hard Times Part 4: Getting Guidance From Our Good Shepherd Notes 05-29-11 Ken Ritz & Chris Ovelton
God in the Hard Times Part 3: How God Restores Your Soul Notes 05-22-11 Ken Ritz & Chris Ovelton
Sweeter Than Chocolate: Sweet Words and Real Solutions from Psalms Notes 05-15-11 Rick Hanger
God in the Hard Times Part 2: How to Lighten Your Load Notes 05-08-11 Ken Ritz & Chris Ovelton
God in the Hard Times Part 1: God's Solution to Worry Notes 05-01-11 Ken Ritz & Chris Ovelton
Easter 2011: The Mystery of God's Plan Notes 04-24-11 Ken Ritz
Passing On The Faith Part 6: Sharing the Good News Notes 04-17-11 Ken Ritz
Passing On The Faith Part 5: Passing on the Baton and Mentoring Others Notes 04-10-11 Rick Hanger
Passing On The Faith Part 4: When Love is Wrong Notes 04-03-11 Ken Ritz
Passing On The Faith Part 3: Sharing Your Faith In Spite of Opposition Notes 03-27-11 Ken Ritz
Passing On The Faith Part 2: How Not To Be Ashamed of Sharing Your Faith Notes 03-20-11 Ken Ritz
Passing On The Faith Part 1: Building Faith in Our Children Notes 03-13-11 Ken Ritz
Supernatural Part 5 : What Does It Mean To Have Faith For Healing? Notes 03-06-11 Ken Ritz
Supernatural Part 4: Angels Notes 02-27-11 Ken Ritz
Supernatural Part 3 : Who Are You Fighting? Notes 02-20-11 Ken Ritz
Supernatural Part 2: Filled With the Spirit Notes 02-13-11 Ken Ritz
Supernatural Part 1 : Winning the Spiritual War Notes 02-06-11 Ken Ritz
Enlarge Your Harvest Notes 01-30-11 Ken Ritz
The Path Principle Part 4: Attention Deficit? Notes 01-23-11 Ken Ritz
The Path Principle Part 3: How Do I Choose the Right Path? Notes 01-16-11 Ken Ritz
The Path Principle Part 2: Look Out Ahead! Notes 01-09-11 Ken Ritz
The Path Principle Part 1 Notes 01-02-11 Ken Ritz